Products & Services




UBTSB is registered with PKK/KK,and also with the necessary and relevant local authorities mandatory to supply and provide services to TNB, IPP, SESB, SEB/SESCO, Petronas, Shell, Exxonmobil, Repsol, and so on. 

UBTSB’s team comprises of long serving dedicated professional staff and engineers with good experience and knowledge of the industries we serve. All our technical staff are CIDB, NIOSH / Petronas and TNB certified.We have over 50 staff members including 15 highly skilled engineers comprising of mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers.

We have more than 10 years of experience in providing services and supplies to various industries particularly the power, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries. Customer satisfaction is the key and our way of measuring success and it’s of utmost priority to us.

Main industries:

  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Marine

Main Products:

  1. Turbine
  2. Compressor
  3. Boilers
  4. Pumps ( API & non API )
  5. Valves ( Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly )
  6. Flanges
  7. Motor & Drives ( LV, HV, Special )
  8. Heat Exchanger ( Plate Type )
  9. Mixing & Separation Technology
  10. E-House
  11. Blowers & Fans
  12. Gears, Mechanical Seals & Dry Gas Seal
  13. Flame Detector ( IR, UV)
  14. Transformers
  15. Switchgear ( HV, MV,LV )
  16. Water Solution
  17. Insulation Materials
  1. We pride ourselves with a team of capable and experienced technical personnel, comprising  long serving and dedicated staff with vast experience and technical know-how of the industries we serve.

    Backed by our principals, OEMs and engineering experts and technology partners, we are able to provide engineering services work such as EPC, plant overhauls and maintenance, retrofit, and engineering solutions.

    Our engineers are trained and certified technical advisors with vast field experience and are possess CIDB TNB/NIOSH certification


    Engineering Services:

    • Maintenance/Overhaul works for turbines, compressors, boilers, pumps, etc.
    • Technical Advisor/Supervisory services
    • Consultancy